I would like to acknowledge Nora Rizzo for giving me the chance to come to São Tomé. The entire school (director Gustavo, students Danny, Ney, Nuno, Odair, Wander... and the cook Teresa) had been always supporting and encouraging me to give as much as I could. I thank Christina Ploutoglou for being the key to come here as well as my listener, confident and greek-personal-teacher. I would like to show my gratitude to Manuel Tornador for his constant-will to help and discuss fruitfully, Sergio Garcia for sending me exceptionally useful information in regard to the digester, and Toñi Martos for pointing me São Tomé in the world-map.

The financial support of ‘Ayuda Española para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo (AECID)’ is greatly acknowledged. 

I dedicate all this work to the people of São Tomé, who deserve all the energy of the world.

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